Motor Vehicle Titles

Our Motor Vehicle Division assists Arapahoe County residents to title vehicles at four office locations. See our Wait Times to plan your visit.

Vehicle Titles

All vehicles must be titled to show proof of ownership. A certificate of title is a legal form establishing a person or business as the owner of the vehicle. Whenever a car is sold, the title must be transferred to the new owner. Learn about what to do when buying or selling a car, including when you need a bill of sale. 

You must title vehicles at a motor vehicle office in the county where you reside. If you do not reside in Arapahoe County, see DMV locations in other counties.

Our Services

Visit any of our four branch locations to: A Colorado title will be mailed to you if there are no liens (aka, a lease or loan) filed against your vehicle. If there is a lien, the title will be mailed to the lien holder (such as your bank, credit union or leasing company). Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Complete Your Transaction Online

Use the following links to complete your transaction online, and skip a trip to our offices. Your title documents will be mailed to you. 

Fees and Payment Options

  • Title: $7.20
  • Duplicate Title: $8.20
  • Lien Filing: $5 or $10 per page, depending on size
We accept cash, checks, money orders, debit cards and all major credit cards for motor vehicle titles and registration. (A service fee is charged for credit and debit card payments.) We do not accept checks under $10.

What to Bring

Every transaction to title a vehicle varies. Please call us at 303-795-4500 or visit the Colorado DMV website to learn what to bring.

More Information

Fax Numbers for Motor Vehicle Documents:

  • Aurora Branch: 303-636-1331 (fax)
  • Byers Branch: 303-822-5308 (fax)
  • Centennial Branch: 720-874-3133 (fax)
  • Littleton Branch: 303-738-7893 (fax)